5 Best Ways To Compliment Your Woman

When it is time to compliment your woman, give them freely. 5 best ways to compliment your wife.

Women love to be complimented; in fact, they crave compliments. Women work very hard to earn praise with their style, work, and kindness. There are so many ways that you can give compliments to your woman so that she will feel loved and appreciated. Women also like to be told how great they look, so do not forget to give her compliments and give them as often as you can.  If you want to have a long-lasting marriage full of a good life, there are some things you need to do. Here are 5 ways to compliment your woman and increase her sexual health.


Tell Her How Smart She Is

The first way that you can complement a woman is by telling her how smart she is. It does not matter how old your woman is, every woman loves to know that she is intelligent. Because women do hear more about their external qualities, hearing about their internal qualities are really special. Your woman might be very surprised to hear a compliment like this, so she might not know what to say as a response. While you are praising her intelligence, you can also add in a compliment or two about her creativity and how that creativity really shows her intelligence. Since the two go hand in hand, you will make your woman feel extremely special.

Praise Her For Her Good Work

Another way to compliment your woman is by praising her for her work. Women need to know that they are needed and that what they do is appreciated. Whether your woman works outside of the home or inside of the home, you need to let her know that her work is worth her time. If your woman works outside of the home and is away from her children and family, you should let her know that her work is worth her time away from her family. If she stays home and takes care of the children, let her know how good a job she does with her children. No matter where your woman works, you should always praise her ability with her children, because that is one job that is of utmost importance to any woman.


Praise Her Strength and Fitness

Women also love to be praised for their fitness and athletic ability. If your woman is a really good golfer, let her know. If your woman loves to practice yoga, complement her flexibility and strength. You can complement your woman on knowing how important it is for her to spend time staying healthy and what a good role model she is for her children by staying healthy and physically fit. If your woman is a competitive athlete, by running marathons or playing on teams, you should complement her ability and competitive edge.

Praise Her for the Goddess She Is

One more great way to compliment your woman is by praising her inner goddess and strength. This does not mean her physical strength, but her strength as a woman. Let her know how she does everything so well and with such a good attitude. Compliment how she manages the entire complex process that is her life, your life, and the life of her children. Compliment her on how she floats through life, like a goddess. Every woman loves to hear how she is beautiful like a goddess inside and out!

Praise How Great She Looks

The last way that you can complement your woman is to praise the way she looks. Tell her you love her clear skin for starters. Women also love to be told that they look great in a color, or that a dress makes her look thin, or that a handbag looks great on her arm. Even though women love to be complimented, they do not always take compliments well. So, if you tell your woman that she looks thin in a particular dress or pair of pants, she will probably tell you that she does not.

Do not argue with her, but just tell her one more time how great she looks. While you are complimenting her on how great she looks in a certain outfit, take the extra time to tell her that her shoes are cool, too (unless she is just wearing plain shoes). It is important not to overdo these compliments, but to let her know when she really looks amazing in your eyes.


Give Compliments When You See An Opportunity

When it is time to compliment your woman, give them freely. Those tips mentioned above have worked for many people. Be sure that you balance your compliments so that you are not just giving compliments about your woman’s appearance. Give your woman compliments if she makes a good dinner, praise her when the floors are shining, and praise her for simply being who she is. You do not have to give compliments just to give them, but when you see an opportunity, take it. The best compliment you can give to your woman is to just tell her that you love her and you think she is just plain old awesome.


By investing in your marriage and yourself, you will have a healthier life and that’s exactly what The Dating Marriage is about.

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